5 mind-blowing facts that you probably didn't know

In this age of accessible and unlimited information, there are a lot of surprising facts about the planet to unknown trivia about the animal kingdom to deep secrets about how your body functions, there are so many little-known pieces of information. Prepare to have your mind blown! Here are the 5 most mind-blowing facts that you probably didn't know. 

1. You're more likely to get a computer virus from visiting religious sites than adult sites

According to research provided by Symantec, there's a lot of computer viruses on religious sites than pornography sites. The firm found that the mean number of security threats on religious sites was around 115, compared to adult content sites which carried around 25. Only 2.4 percent of adult websites were infected with malware. 

The researchers hypothesized that's because adult sites need to generate a profit, so there's a financial incentive to keeping them virus-free to encourage repeat business. Growing up, many of us have heard how "adult sites" contain malware that can potentially harm our devices. Guess there was an ulterior move after all. 

2. Bumblebees can fly higher than Mount Everest 

Humans aren't the only ones that can reach the summit. According to a study, Bumblebees cannot survive the freezing conditions of Mt. Everest's peak but it can fly up to 30,000 feet (9,000 m) under simulated low oxygen and low air density conditions. Mt. Everest's height is 29,017.16 ft (8844.43 m). I had to make sure that this was true as it was very hard to believe at first. 

3. There's a tablet that you can use to deodorize your poop

There's a chemical you can buy over-the-counter (or from Amazon, whatever) called Bismuth Subgallate, with a brand name "Devrom". It's harmless and will make your feces and flatus odorless, or at least much less stinky. It's used by people who've had surgery to shorten their bowel, which leads to some pretty amazing smells.

4. Some people were born in Antarctica

The Antarctic claims of Argentina and Chile and the UK overlap. However, due to the Antarctic Treaty, countries aren't allowed to assert their sovereignty over Antarctica until the expiration of the treaty in the 2040s. In the 1970s, in an attempt to circumvent the rules, Argentina sent pregnant couples to give birth in Antarctica. Chile one-upped them by sending couples to not only birth their babies there but to conceive them there too. As a result, there are at least 10 or 11 known births in Antarctica.

5. You are 1cm taller in the morning compared to other times of day

This phenomenon usually occurs because of our body science that works differently, both in the morning and evening. During the morning period when we are often busy with performing our routine activities, the legs and other parts begin to gradually compress. On the contrary, when we go to sleep, our body is at total rest and without any major movements, so our cartilage again comes back to its original form. Well, at least we now know when is the right time of day to measure our height. 

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