5 things you can do during quarantine

You might find yourself with a lot more time on your hands these days. And you're probably sick of scrolling through Facebook and Instagram or watching movies on Netflix. It's good for your mental health to take a break from the phone, so to keep you occupied, why not do these 5 things that can improve yourself as a person and boost your health as well?

Work out

Even though you are restricted to step out of the house, other forms of physical exercise can be done. Using this time to revamp your health and keep yourself motivated, you can try a home workout. There are many tutorials on YouTube that you can easily find to guide you through a home workout. It will boost your metabolism, improve blood circulation, and it will help you in digestion. 

Learn how to cook


There are going to be times when you are out of ‘good’ grocery and will have to make something out of the leftover grocery. This is when you can google recipes online and get creative with cooking. Now that you will be regularly cooking, the habit will stick even once you are back to work!

Read a book

There are times when you just want to escape. And though escaping while quarantining may prove difficult during the coronavirus pandemic, you can do it without ever leaving your chair with a good book. There’s never been a better time to pick up a book. So put your feet up, open a book, and get away from it all.

Learn a new language

This might be something that almost everyone would have suggested but do you know why? Aside from social communication, a new language will make you an active listener, flex your cognitive capabilities, and help you grasp new concepts better. It is refreshing and fun to learn a new language plus,  you have apps that help you learn it. Duolingo is only one of many apps that will help you learn a language from the very basics. 

Try Digital Marketing

By now you’ve probably heard the hype – digital marketing skills are in demand because of the pandemic, the job market is booming and brands are putting more focus on digital marketing than ever before. Digital marketing gives us a wide range of opportunities to opt-in. I feel that soon digital marketing is going to be the next billion-dollar industry in the coming years.

There are a lot more things to do during quarantine aside from these things. For most of us, being stuck in quarantine is a new experience that can impact our mental health and emotional well being. You just have to make your time quarantined as interesting and productive as possible.


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