Five unwritten social rules that must be observed

As we all know, rules are meant to be followed. Wherever we are, there are always a certain set of rules. On the other hand, do you know that certain rules must be observed but are not written elsewhere? Here are some "unwritten" social rules that some of us don't even know:

1. When you have guests; if they come to your home for the first time, show them where the bathroom is so they can freshen up.

2. If you need to brush your hair, do it in the ladies' room.

3. At home, it's very rude to shout from another room. Besides, you might get used to such behavior, and it will make a bad impression on other people.

4. When communicating with others, swallow your food before speaking.

5. Don't be embarrassed to refuse others. Sometimes, they are not considerate.

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Do you know some unwritten social rules in your country that has always been observed? Let us know in the comments down below.