Viewfruit: Earning Through Surveys


Viewfruit is a survey website owned and operated by Paneland Market Research and Consulting; a company based in China. Available on most countries in Asia, its surveys are affiliated with other third party market research sites.

Earning with Viewfruit starts through this part where users can accomplish a various number of surveys throughout the day. This may range from 100-400 points, depending on the length of the survey time. On the other hand, users who are not qualified for the survey will have 1 point in compensation for their efforts. 2 points will be awarded if the survey form has already a sufficient number of answers. There is also a tab called "Lucky Survey" but we haven't used it ever since we signed up for the said survey site.

Levelling-up is also a factor to gain more potential surveys. The higher the level, the higher the chances of having more surveys. 5,000 points must be earned to reach Level 2, 10,000 for Level 3, 20,000 for Level 4, 50,000 for Level 5, and more than 100,000 for Level 6.

Downloading their app is also necessary for some surveys that require a smartphone to be accessed. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Referral Program

Users who referred people to join Viewfruit will receive 10% worth of their points provided that they had already accomplished their personal information. Points from the referral program can be seen through the "Refer Friends" tab.

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Lucky Draw
Users can spin the wheel to earn more points. Up to 100,000 points can be claimed in this part. To earn tickets for the Lucky Draw, users must enter the surveys provided by Viewfruit; whether they are qualified or not. But based on our personal experience with the site, we only won 10 points; otherwise, we haven't won anything. Did you won the jackpot prize? Let us know your story through the comments down below.

Redeem Cash
To have your hard-earned profit, a minimum of 2,500 points must be achieved to claim USD 5.00. USD 10.00, USD 20.00, USD 30.00, USD 50.00, and USD 100.00 are available for redeem depending on the number of points earned. Users will have their money sent through PayPal, and they should have the same email address registered for both Viewfruit and PayPal.

In-Depth Review
Currently, our Viewfruit account is on Level 3 We have seen significant increase in potential surveys as soon as our level has been increased. But on the other hand, most of the potential surveys are not qualified for us and Viewfruit gave us a point to compensate our efforts in joining the survey.

In terms of withdrawing our profit, we tried to redeem USD 10.00 for 5,000 points and fortunately, we haven't encountered any problems upon checking our PayPal account.

What are your opinions with Viewfruit? Is this survey site legit or an another scam? Let us also know in the comments down below.