One More Thing: highlights from November 2020 Apple event

Apple's "One More Thing" event has brought significant improvements to their lineup of MacBooks and MacMini, the release of macOS Big Sur, and the introduction of their Silicon chip. They also have introduced the integration of iPhone and iPad apps to the Mac, the very first feature ever introduced since the release of these devices.

Apple Silicon

The Apple M1 Chip would probably be the main highlight of this event. Everything is integrated with its unified memory architecture - from its 8-core CPU, up to 8-core GPU, Security Enclave, to its Thunderbolt and USB ports and Machine Learning accelerators. With these features, Apple has claimed their M1 Chip would be twice the performance than other PCs while using a lower amount of power.

MacOS Big Sur

With the release of the new Silicon Chip is also the release of macOS Big Sur - an operating system designed specifically for M1. Big Sur will also let its users run iPhone and iPad apps in the system through the Universal App. Apple Silicon and Intel Processors will also be integrated; where applications will work on both of these processors.

In any case that a specific application is designed only for Intel Processors, Apple has also released Rosetta where Intel-based applications can be converted to be compatible with Silicon Processors. On the other hand, the iconic Chime is back! After 4 years of removing it from Macs, Apple has finally decided to bring it back through the release of the Big Sur.

Mac Mini

Powered with the M1 Chip, Apple has assured that the Mac Mini will have a 3x faster CPU than its predecessor, 6x faster graphics, and 5x faster than a PC Desktop. It also features two USB-C ports, HDMI 2.0, Ethernet Jack, and it is even compatible with Apple's Pro XDR Display.

This year, Mac Mini is priced at $699, $100 lower compared to last year's Mini. No display, keyboard, or mouse included with this one but it surely has a huge amount of power for an affordable price.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

There has been a notable improvement for MacBook Air in terms of performance. With the Silicon Chip, Apple claims that it will contain 3.5x faster CPU speed than its previous generation, 3x faster than 98% of all Windows laptops, 2x faster SSD Storage, and a Touch ID integration.

But the most notable improvement is through its battery life. Having the longest battery life of all MacBook Airs, the latest version has up to 18 hours of battery life, Its price will start at $999 and $100 off for Education.

MacBook Pro will also contain the same M1 Chip. Compared to its predecessor, its CPU is 2.8x faster while 3x faster than other laptops in the same price range. It will be priced at $1299 while $100 off for Education. Both of these models will be available next week.

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