Soft drink brand's commercial in the Philippines went viral; leaves everyone confused

"RC Cola", an old American soda brand, has released its latest advertisement in the Philippines. But the said advertisement entitled "Nyahahakbkxjbcjhishdishlsab@!!!! Basta RC Cola" left everyone in shock but is definitely memorable.

The advertisement depicts a boy asking his mother if he is adopted as he is always being teased in school. He was then told by his mother not to listen to what others say. Sounds normal, right? But here's where things start to go odd: as the boy unties his school uniform, he then leans forward, and shows four glasses attached to his back.

And here's something weirder: as the mother bursts into tears, she was then convinced to show her son the "truth". She then removes her scarf, then her head, revealing a soda bottle! She then pours the contents of the bottle into the glass, depicting the actual purpose of the commercial.

Since its release yesterday, there were a lot of mixed reactions from netizens as it went viral on social media. As some would say that it's "weird" and "creepy", others have thought to check on their mothers if they have a soda bottle inside their heads.

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