Surveytime - instant cash rewards while giving your opinion

Want to get paid while giving out your opinions? That's how Surveytime does for its users. It has been reviewed by over 5,000 users in TrustPilot and is given an excellent rating. Unlike on some survey sites, they give points to users in a reward system; which takes a long time for those users to claim their hard-earned money. But for Surveytime, rewards are awarded to users in real cash. Here are other features that this site offers:

Main Interface

Surveytime is pretty straightforward. After signing-up, its interface will show either there is an available $1 survey, a $0.5 survey, or no surveys are available at the moment. The site notifies its users via email by default and users can also be notified in the browser as they wish by clicking the "Enable Browser Notifications" button.


Surveytime is surely a legit and paying website. Users can redeem their income through PayPal or Coinbase. Meanwhile, Amazon, Target, and Decathlon payment options are also available for those users in the U.S. Earnings will then be sent directly to the desired payment option in just a few minutes.

Referral Program

Surveytime has its referral program where users can refer their friends and earn income from them. To earn a one-time payment of $1 per referred user, referrals must register on Surveytime, complete a survey, and be paid.

Unfortunately, Surveytime doesn't have its app for smartphones. But on the other hand, their website is mobile-friendly. Also, the site generates a password for its users and although it is a legit site, there is no contact information being displayed. However, there is no minimum cash-out amount and earnings can be redeemed in an instant.

What are your thoughts on this site? Do you have any experience in using Surveytime? Let us know in the comments down below.