F*cking, an Austrian town, to change name in 2021 due to unwanted attention and mockery

Who would have thought that the name of an Austrian village looks hilarious for English speakers? Well, it was not mean to be that way. Historically, Fucking was named after a Bavarian nobleman named Focko, and it dates back to the 6th Century. Also, Fucking means "the place of Focko's people" in Austria and not its literal definition in the English language.

The town's name may have escaped the attention of everyone in the old ages but not until the age of the internet. Ever since the town became popular even for tourists. Some would take a photo of themselves with the village's signage, while others, especially couples, tend to do it literally in front of the signage (well, you know what we mean with this).

Geographically, the town is located at the Municipality of Tarsdorf in the state of Upper Austria. It is composed of more than 100 people - and most of them had already been enough of the bad jokes of tourists who are visiting their town.

Because of this ongoing pandemic, we can't go there even if we have the means. We can't explore the town of Fucking virtually either! Google street view isn't available in Austria and Germany due to privacy issues. If you want to know more about it click this link

As this trend continues, there was some false news that the villagers have voted to change their town name as early as 2012. But this news finally came true this year when the municipal council of Tarsdorf decided to change the name to "Fugging"; similar to how locals pronounce it. It will be effective on New Year's Eve, 2021.

This may have come to an end - but what about its neighboring places like Oberfucking and Unterfucking? Well, we'll never know.


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