CoinPot and partner faucets to close down by February

It's another end of an era for what we considered as one of the best crypto faucets online as CoinPot and its partner faucets will shut down in February this year. After almost 7 years of operations online, its team cites the reason due to insufficient time and resources, and some users cheating with the system to claim their earnings.

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We have reviewed CoinPot and its faucets last year and explained every detail on what everyone would expect with these sites. We even concluded that users can earn up to millions every year if they are active in claiming their earnings and has hundreds of referrals.

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According to their announcement, the websites affected by this shut down are CoinPot, Moon Bitcoin, Moon Dogecoin, Moon Litecoin, Moon Dash, Moon Cash, Bitfun, and Bonus Bitcoin. This will take effect on January 31.

Meanwhile, for CoinPot, users will be able to access their account, convert cryptocurrencies, and withdraw their earnings. But by February 28, these functions will also cease. Meanwhile, they assured that all private data, including email addresses and security credentials, will be removed.

So what would the future hold for CoinPot? Its makers will create a new project - still on cryptocurrencies but not related to the way CoinPot was used to be. But for now, users must withdraw their earnings as soon as possible before the deadline.


  1. I have just read this news about Coinpot. May I know if there's anyway I can still withdraw all the coins/tokens from my account? Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately as per CoinPot, coins that weren't withdrawn from the site on or before February 28, 2021 is already lost. So there is no way that you can retrieve your coins from the site as it has already been shut down.


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