Saliva test - a better alternative for testing COVID-19

As the Coronavirus pandemic continue to overwhelm countries since early 2020, they are now facing a global shortage of various COVID-19 swab kits such as Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction  (RT-PCR), the gold standard for Sars-Cov-2 testing; as a result, scientists have turned to alternatives, one of which is the saliva test, which is a cheaper, faster, and safer option than the golden standard.

The saliva test, unlike nasopharyngeal swabs tests that collect samples by rubbing the back of your nose and throat with swabs, simply collects saliva of patients which is accomplished by spitting on a sterilized container several times, that would be mailed directly to a lab or the designated sample collection in your area – this makes it non-invasive and more comfortable for patients.

The saliva test is also quite simple, so much so that patients can collect samples by themselves, therefore limiting human interactions between them and healthcare professionals, as well as preserving personal protective equipment for much-needed areas like patient care.

Also, a saliva test would roughly cost a dollar to 5 dollars, which is at least $145 cheaper than an RT-PCR  diagnostic Covid-19 test, due to it requiring less manpower and equipment to collect valid results.

Although as great as it is, not all people can be examined with a saliva test as some may have difficulties in producing enough saliva, such as kids or people that suffered strokes.