Samsung's The First Look 2021: Accessibility, Eco-Friendly Features

Samsung has revealed its new set of TVs at CES 2021 including its Quantum Mini LED, MicroLED and NeoQLED technologies. But what's more important to highlight here is how the company makes its TVs accessible for everyone and its initiatives to make their products eco-friendly

Eco-Friendly Products

With an initiative to make its products environmentally friendly, the company started the event with the feature of its packaging. It has fewer colors, a simpler design, and encourages consumers to upcycle instead of recycling it. With the help of printed instructions via a QR code and a dot-matrix layout throughout the packaging, consumers are well-guided on how to turn Samsung's packages into furniture.

This type of packaging will be available with the new sets of TVs to be released this year. Meanwhile, Samsung has also pledged to make this a standard for all of its appliances in the near future.

Aside from packaging, Samsung has also featured its solar-cell remotes which can be charged through sunlight or indoor lighting. With this, the company has stated that these remotes will save over 99 million disposable batteries.

Accessibility for Everyone

Awarded by CES with an Innovation Award for Smart TV accessibility, Samsung featured its various applications that will help the Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) to control their TV on their own. The following were featured throughout the event:

  • SeeColors: adjust colors for the color blind
  • Color Inversion: changes contrast 
  • Audio Description: narrates live actions of what's actually happening
  • Learn Remote Control: narrated tutorial for Solar Cell Remotes
  • Voice Guide: narrates channels and its contents
  • Sign Language Zoom: Magnify sign language area up to 200%
  • Closed Caption and Position: CC texts can be moved anywhere on the screen

More Features for New Smart TVs

With the introduction of NEO QLED screens, the following applications were featured for a better use of these Smart TVs:

  • Samsung Health Smart Trainer: analyzes and guides the form of a person while exercising in real time
  • Multiview: keep watching while talking to friends, watch different windows in one screen, and even adjust volumes per screen
  • Google Duo: connect up to 5 people, camera automatically focuses to the person
  • For Gamers: Super Ultrawide Gameview, Game bar, AMD Freesync Premium Pro 
  • Samsung DEX: Connect different devices to the TV
  • PC on TV Easy Connection: retrieve files remotely
  • Samsung TV Plus

Plans for 2022

As Samsung has rolled-out their accessibility plans this year, they want to expand this further in 2022. These are the Voice Guide to be available in various languages, a Sign Language Avatar, Automatic Closed Captions, and Sign Language Recognition. Hopefully, Samsung will be successful in roll-out these features next year to fulfill its aim in accessibility.